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Epicure Especial Slb Cab 50

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Epicure Especial is a Habano of excellent size (50 x 141), in line with the preferences of today's smokers. This Habano presents a characteristic softness and intense flavor, and soon turned into a class of its own after its presentation in 2004 as a Limited Edition.

Habanos lovers will recognize this new product not only for its size, but for its second ring along with the Hoyo de Monterrey ring. Its tube presentation will be also different. The top range tube of the brand will be launched this year together with the rest of the brand's tubes. Epicure Especial is the flagship of the Epicure Line, which includes the Epicure No.1 and No.2 with the same characteristics that have made these sizes the leading products of the brand. The communication codes will also be common, since they will all have the same second ring with the name of each commercial size printed on it.

141 mm

19.84 mm

Ring gauge

Hoyo De Monterrey cigars online. Epicure Especial Slb Cab 50
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Hoyo De Monterrey
Epicure Especial Slb Cab 50
Gordito 50
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