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Epicure No 2 Tubos Pack Of 3

Price: $50

3 cigars
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Many a smoker will have started their Cuban apprenticeship with this agreeable Robusto. It's floral bouquet, brought out by a touches of gingerbread, opens on a completely unexpected, but pleasing fresh and dry note. This is a medium bodied cigar, but the complexity of blend can sometimes make it feel stronger to the novice palate. The aromas respond well to the fresh air of the outdoors and this Epicure No.2 will be most appreciated on a gentle stroll through the forest.

124 mm (4 3/4)

19.84 mm

Ring gauge

Before lighting up
Fresh cedar smell emerges as soon as you open your pack.

It's filled with a light complex earthiness juxtaposed with sweet, woody, floral flavors.

A sweet woody finish that produces an overall smooth taste.

Hoyo De Monterrey cigars online. Epicure No 2 Tubos Pack Of 3
Name Shape Cigars Price  
Hoyo De Monterrey
Epicure No 2 Tubos Pack Of 3
Robusto 3
out of stock

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