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Hoyo De Monterrey cigars

Epicure No. 2 Slb Cab 50

Price: $579

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In the same spirit of the Godfather of the Hoyo's family (the DC), the Epicure N°2 is a great success. It develops rich and complex aromas in a smooth registry.

SLB cab 50

124 mm

19.84 mm

Ring gauge

Before lighting up
Fresh cedar notes.

It's filled with a complex earthiness and some sweet woody flavours. It also has a pleasant coffee ground taste.

A sweet woody finish. An overall smooth taste.

Smoking time
45 min - 1 hour 30 minutes

Hoyo De Monterrey cigars online. Epicure No. 2 Slb Cab 50
Name Shape Cigars Price  
Hoyo De Monterrey
Epicure No. 2 Slb Cab 50
Robusto 50
out of stock

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